Terri Dassing


“I’ve learned that whatever they tell you, it’s never that amount of time. It’s longer.”


Lisa VanDerveer


“People don’t understand the strain that it puts on you.”


Michael Valle & Stacey Sweet


“Everyone’s pushing the paper back, ‘Oh, go talk to this one. Go talk to this one. Go talk to this one.’”

Tuckerton Beach

Jeanne DeMarsico

Demarsico 800

“It was the cutest little house and I loved it. I had a beautiful yard and I always got compliments on it. This is my home that I’ll never have back.”


Greg Megas


“I don’t think I’ve had one full night’s sleep in the last two years.”

Long Branch


Jack mandall

“For the first time in my life, I'm about to give up on a home I've owned for nearly 30 years.”

Little Ferry


Wendy umstead

“People just don’t realize: We’re not on the water getting a great view of the ocean. We’re far inland. We’re over by the Meadowlands.”


Kory and Melanie Rabinowitz

Kory and melanie

"After the first couple months, it was great. People actually cared. But now you’re almost two years into it? Nobody cares. We’ve been forgotten about a long time already."


Elicia Jamea

Elicia jamea

“The hardest part’s been watching my daughter go through what she’s been going through.”


Gert Sofman

Gert sofman

“I survived the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and I physically survived Hurricane Sandy, but I have not survived the lack of assistance and the roadblocks erected that prevent homeowners to rebuild their lives.”


Frank Buzar

Frank buzar

“It was hard dealing with all the things that had to go out the door. Stupid things … it’s no good, but I still got it here, because it’s a memory.”


Greg Backman & Angela Perricone

Backman perricone

“You see family, and they’ll say, ‘What’s going on with the house?’ Every time, it’s ‘Nothing.’”


Mary Frack

Mary frack

"It’s almost we’re in a hotel in our own home — like we’re away from home in our own home.”

Laurence Harbor


Bryan garnett

“You know Gov. Christie promised all this, and that’s all it is: Promises, empty promises.”

Aberdeen Township

Joyce Uglow

Joyce uglow

“It’s like you're hanging in a tree and you don’t know when you’re going to get rescued. I feel like my life is just hanging there, mid-air.”

Jersey City

Morgan Faulkner

Morgan faulkner

“On an emotional level, it’s been very hard. I’ve actually cried, a 48 year old trying to maintain my business, my property, my home.”

Union Beach

Barbara Costanza

Barbara costanza

"Seeing how much it hurts my son really bothers me."

Toms River

Frank Azack

Frank azack

"I’m the only person on the block not back in their house yet. Everybody else is in except for me."

Toms River

Margaret Quinn

Margaret quinn

“Every day, I am on the phone doing something, talking to somebody, fighting somebody.”

Union Beach

Patrice DeVincentis


"Your neighborhood is gone. I don’t even have a neighbor."

Beach Haven

Joe Karcz

Joe karcz

“I just got tired of looking at it. There’s your life, sitting on the curb.”

Sea Bright

Michael Feminello

Michael feminello

"Sea Bright is funny: All the private owned beach clubs are back bigger than ever, yet the town is a still a wreck."


Larissa Torres

Larissa torres

"My childhood home is a twisted mess of split beams and severe mold. It feels like a new normal for us."


Frank Petrillo

Frank petrillo

“It’s the constant, constant noise. Sounds, constantly.”

Little Egg Harbor

Danielle McNally


"Not only did we lose our homes in this area, we lost our community."
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