Hurricane Sandy never really left us. The roads might be clear and the National Guardsmen gone, but thousands of New Jerseyans remain displaced nearly two years after the storm.

These are the forgotten faces of Sandy.

NJ.com commissioned photographer Robb Paniconi to document some of those stories in images and sound.

We're still collecting those stories. Tell us yours here.

We'll be adding more individual stories in the weeks running up to the storm's two-year anniversary on our special project page.


Robert Paniconi has been photographing in and around the state for years. His focus ranges from social issues to contemporary fine art projects.

Carla Astudillo is a data interactive reporter for NJ.com.

S.P. Sullivan is a reporter for NJ.com.

This project was partially funded by a grant from the New Jersey Recovery Fund, through the Community Foundation of New Jersey.

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