Little Ferry


Wendy umstead

“People just don’t realize: We’re not on the water getting a great view of the ocean. We’re far inland. We’re over by the Meadowlands.”

Status: Wendy and her son Brandon live in Little Ferry, one of the towns hardest-hit by the storm. Far from the shore, their home was damaged by a storm surge that overtook the banks of the Hackensack River, sending five feet of water into the low-lying Meadowlands town. After using up sick and vacation time to navigate the reams of paperwork, Wendy says the stress of dealing with Sandy got the best of her, and she had to go on medical leave from her job. “Stress is too much,” she says. “There is only a dark cloud left.”

Posted on October 16th, 2014 14:15

Photos/Audio by Robb Paniconi

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